Schedule of the 2016 General Chapter

"The third part of our commitment as stewards of this Chapter begins now. We return home with the calls of this Chapter, with parables and images that will help our moment in history come alive to each RSCJ. I am grateful to each one of you and to the four women who agreed to work with me as we guide this little Society on our journey forward. Each one of us needs to play her part and take her responsibility to ensure that the fervor of these days and our commitment to creating the one body of the Society stays alive and active and becomes real."
Barbara Dawson rscj
GC2016 Closing Conference

The capitulants and other participants in the 2016 General Chapter begin to leave Nemi today.

Thank you for journeying with us.  

Continue to check this GC2016 Webpage as a number of articles will still be put up during the next few days.

Closing and Sending....

Our last full day of work....  Finalizing the documents....  Voting....  Evaluation....

Consolidation and writing continue.....

After the first session in the morning of the 7th, Barbara Dawson announced the appointment of the members of the new General Council.

This will be our last free day.  Some will go to Giardini di Ninfa or to Montecassino, while a few will make a trip to Rome or to the Lago di Albano.  Others will remain in Nemi.

Working in different theme-groups, the capitulants will now try to consolidate and write up the orientations that are emerging.

Nomination for General Council

Election of the Superior General

A period of intense prayer and discernment leading us to the election of the Superior General.