Meeting of the Treasurers of the Region of Africa

From 16th-20th April 2018, the treasurers and other invited RSCJ
gathered at the Mbikko Novitiate of the Province of Uganda-Kenya
for the Treasurers Meeting of the Region of Africa.

Treasurer General Bernadette Porter rscj and her  team –- Yuka Arita rscj and Helen Harrington -- facilitated the meeting; and we were assisted by Margaret Phelan rscj and Paulina Lopez rscj in interpretation.  

It was a wonderful experience to meet one another, and to share and listen to the reality of our respective provinces. Our main focus was to look at the sustainability of our provinces within our own contexts.  We also explored possibilities of how we would sustain the life and mission of the Society in the future, and in relation to the calls of General Chapter 2016.

The Treasurer General’s report to General Chapter 2016, the congregational study, and the input on the international solidarity fund informed our discussions. An added value was the treasurer general’s visit with each one of us. We appreciate this opportunity and we pray that it guides us into the future.
Redempta Kulundu rscj

Back row (from left to right):  
Rachel Ngalula rscj (RDC), Secondina Baitwababo rscj (UGK), Helen Harrington (GEN),
Bernadette Porter rscj (GEN), Margaret Phelan rscj (GEN),
Resty Nalubega rscj (UGK), Redempta Kulundu rscj (UGK),
Front row (from left to right):
Yuka Arita rscj (GEN), Anamaria Nankusu rscj (UGK), Paulina López-Ridruejo rscj (UGK),
Ibtessam Fahim rscj (EGY), Fidéline Lukula rscj (RDC)