Covid-19 Pandemic: Updates from our provinces and countries

Superior General Barbara Dawson invited the provincials to send some updates in order to let people around the Society know "how things are or anything [they] would like all of us to pray for in [their] province/country."

This section, which will be updated regularly, will be located here until we set up the platform for sharing up-to-date information about the provinces in a more "horizontal way" across the Society during this time of the global pandemic.

As Barbara wrote in her letter on 23rd March:  

"The reality of this moment is teaching us new things on many different levels.... We encourage you to respond to the proposal of the communication team that offers an easy online training to enable us all to communicate by videoconference. Interesting religious and cultural initiatives are emerging on the Internet from all sides. Perhaps we can find a way to share the many prayers and reflections that are circulating in our different cultures and contexts. Most important, we need to stay connected to each other."
Click on the name of the province/country to access the update.

Antilles            Argentina-Uruguay          Australia-New Zealand            Belgium-France-Netherlands

Brazil          Central Europe          Chile          Colombia          Egypt            England-Wales

India          Indonesia          Italy          Japan          KOC Province         Ireland-Scotland

Malta          Mexico          Peru          Philippines          Poland          RDC-Chad

Spain          Taiwan          Uganda-Kenya          United States-Canada          Venezuela

** This page was last updated on 4th April 2020.