Covid-19 Update: Central Europe

As of 27th March 2020

In CEU we have three countries (Germany, Hungary and Austria) with varying degrees of stringency in their rules concerning the disease. However, everybody is restricted in going out which is a challenge, not just for practical issues and for our equanimity, but also for our ministry. The spiritual centre Forrás in Hungary streams their programs on Facebook. Some rscj who cannot do their normal work help at Crisis Hotlines.

Our houses for elderly sisters meet special problems: Our care workers do their very best, but might be hindered to come any time because of quarantine, taking care of their children – or in the case of people from other countries – restrictions at the borders.

We have also started to learn how to communicate via video conferencing – probably a useful skill also when the virus will have left us...

Let us pray for each other and the whole Sacred Heart Family in these times, which are difficult for all of us.

Angela Corsten, on behalf of the sisters in CEU