An Easter prayer from the Sacred Heart Center in Japan

  • Sacred Heart Center Japan Easter Prayer 2021
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    Sacred Heart Center Japan logo

To share the richness and depth of our spirituality, the Sacred Heart Center of Japan Province was opened in 2018, the bicentennial year of St. Philippine Duchesne. The Sacred Heart Center is a space to study, pray and share our spirituality, which is nurtured by the Society’s educational mission. It plays the role of a bridge, connecting people and places, and opening up new possibilities for our mission. We organize prayer meetings, Bible study and workshops by RSCJ and others. The Center is open not only to the Sacred Heart families but also for those who have just learned about the Society for the first time.

Because of the COVID situation, we have been providing online lectures and videos. This video was created as a simple Easter prayer. The prayer includes the Gospel acclamation and responsorial psalm of Easter Sunday. The beauty of nature during springtime reminds us of the joy and hope that Easter brings. All of the pictures were taken on the property of the Tokyo Sacred Heart School. We hope this video will help you in your prayers.

A note on the Sacred Heart Center logo

The green and blue logo symbolizes our duty to every life on the planet. The upper curve of the heart stands for our mission to build bridges among people and places. The dove is a symbol of the Holy Spirit, and also a symbol of our wish to be a messenger of St. Madeleine Sophie, the founder of our Society.   

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Sacred Heart Center Japan - Easter Prayer 2021

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