Greetings from RSCJ around the world

  • RSCJ in Uganda/Kenya send their greetings

These videos, in which communities from around the world send their greetings for the Feast of Saint Madeleine Sophie, were made by the International Vocation Committee, visibilization subgroup and edited by Nataly Chamorro, rscj in Chile. It was by the initiative of the visibilization subgroup, particularly the social media group, to show the internationality of the congregation for the Feast of Madeleine Sophie. The aim of the videos is to show women wondering about religious life that we live our spirituality as an international community, in a fun, joyful, and modern way.

Watch the greetings:

Greetings from the Santa Cruz community in India

Greetings from Uganda/Kenya and Chad

Greetings from Kenya, Egypt, and Korea

Greetings from Congo, United States/Canada, Central Europe, India, Chile, and Peru

Greetings from Japan, Chile, Peru, and Central Europe

Pasando los saludos/Passer le bonjour/Sending greetings