JPIC Meeting: Day 1

  • Scarf, gift from the Philippine District

After the cheerful greetings and joyful reunions on arrival at the Carmelite Missionaries Center of Spirituality at Tagaytay, Day 1 was a time to centre ourselves and quietly make the transition from our various journeys (physical and metaphorical) to the present. This process of retreat was hugely appreciated and will bear fruit as we work together.

We were welcomed into our wonderful JPIC conference room and Digna Dacanay presented us all with a beautiful monogrammed scarf, gift of the Philippine District.

Barbara Dawson, Superior General, opened her welcome with these words:

“This international gathering of justice, peace and the integrity of creation has begun – listening to the heartbeat of God in our world, in each other and in the beauty of this place.”

Anne Corry rscj
International JPIC Coordinator