Mexico: ¡Que Ayotzinapa no se olvide!

  • Photo from Observatorio Eclesial - from an email sent by Chelilú Buenfil rscj (MEX)

Chelilú Buenfil rscj of the Province of Mexico sent this request for solidarity:

"El correo se llama "Escribe cartas por Ayotzinapa."  Saben que la situación de nuestro país en este tiempo ha sido muy dura. México está de luto, pero confiamos en que si mantenemos el recuerdo y la memoria viva podemos construir una sociedad y un mundo más justo y digno para todas y todos."

(The letter is entitled "Write letters for Ayotzinapa."  You may be aware of the tragic situation of our country.  Mexico is in mourning, but we trust that if we keep the memory alive we may construct a society and a world with greater justice and dignity for all.)

On the night of September 26, 2014, members of the municipal police attacked a caravan of students from the Rural Teachers College Isidro Burgos, assassinating six of them and abducting 43 others who were later handed over to a criminal organization. They are still missing.  

Chelilú shares a letter with an appeal not to abandon the case of Ayotzinapa. Translation of the letter in English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German may be downloaded at the lower part of the article in Spanish. Click here to access this letter.