Mexico: Young Families visit the Otomi Indian mission

For more than 11 years I have belonged to the community of families which is part of the Sacred Heart College of Mexico City, and five years ago I joined the team as a primary school teacher. Thus I have got to know many little girls; I’ve been teaching them for so long that I sometimes feel they are my daughters. But this week in the Family, God allowed me to share with my own family and other College families the experience of visiting the missions in the Mezquital Hidalgo Valley. We were in Los Pinos, a small community of families of Otomi Indians, and it was there, after belonging to the College for so many years, that I felt closer to God’s presence and love.

I used to think that visiting the missions was an act of charity – teaching a few things and praying during Holy week, but it was a life-experience in which instead of giving, we shared God’s word and celebrated with the people. But above all we SHARED our experiences and our lives, while they opened their very poor houses to us, and were so proud and happy to share with us breakfast, dinner and the evening meal. Of course as soon as we arrived there was a place ready for us to sleep and wash; simple as these preparations were, they showed that the people were looking forward to our arrival.

Throughout the week, as well as the religious celebrations, we talked and visited the houses. It was very moving to see my daughters and the other girls and young people making friends with the people and enjoying giving of their best. They took part in the celebrations, gave talks, worked with the people in the fields, and above all, played basketball and football with the young people and boys of the village. There were many moments in which we felt God’s presence. In particular I was moved by the people’s attitude towards us during the farewell ceremony of Holy Saturday, when everyone shed a few tears.

We all carried away in our hearts a great experience, realising that we can be happy without so many material things, if we appreciate what we have. I thank God for this experience, and especially Luty rscj for all the trouble she took, and for giving us the chance to have those family moments, which gave many of us a feeling of new life.

Mrs. Lourdes Ortega de Sendra
Primary teacher and member of the Community of Families
of the Sacred Heart College of Mexico City 
Province of Mexico