Mujeres de Corazón – Ma. Inés García-Huidobro RSCJ

  • Mujeres de Corazón – Ma. Inés García-Huidobro RSCJ
The Province of Chile's Youth Ministry and Vocation Animation
launched the first video in the series called  
"Mujeres de Corazón" (Women of the Heart)
that will feature testimonies of various RSCJ from the province.
The video begins with this introduction:
"When we speak of religious life we think of nuns, habits, silence, constant prayer and helping one’s neighbour. Doubtless that was also the story of the Religious of the Sacred Heart, but today we have heard the voice of the Spirit in the Church, inviting us to go out to the margins, to leave the convents, live in simple houses and wear ordinary clothes just like everyone else, while holding fast to the essential: the daily encounter with the God of life, that today transforms us into Women of the Heart.
In this video we will come to know Nené, the missionary… who lives in the far south of Puente Alto, in an inserted community with Guille, Ximena, Edith, and Olinka…"