Poem: The Sacred Heart of Jesus

  • Postulant Prisca Mansanga
    Postulant Prisca Mansanga

Oh, Sacred Heart of Jesus

You, the sanctuary of justice,

You, our hope, You, the all-powerful,

You, the help always offered,

You, the sun that lights up our horizons

To you, the honor, the power and the glory


Oh, Sacred Heart of Jesus

You, our constant companion

You, our only love

You, the symbol of divine love, through which

God assumed human form

To you, we entrust the whole world


Oh, Sacred Heart of Jesus

You, who comforts us

You, whom we contemplate

You, our source of life-giving water

You, who is ever-present in the Eucharist

To you, our praise and to you, our adoration


Oh, Sacred Heart of Jesus

You, our only hope

Stay with us until the end of our mission

Make sure we do nothing that is not worthy of you

Teach us what we must do to attain your purity of heart

You, who has inspired our desire to follow you

To you, our spiritual growth


- Postulant Prisca Mansanga