Walking with the Women at Easter

  • Artwork by Naomi Kojima (Japan)
    Artwork by Naomi Kojima (Japan)
On the morning of the first day of the week, fear kept the disciples locked up in the Supper Room, but the women who had followed Jesus did not seek to escape, though their hopes were dashed. They set out "while it was still dark" and "came to the tomb, taking the spices that they had prepared" (Lk 24:1) in an attempt to snatch from death something of its victory.
They knew they could not move the stone, but that did not deter them. The Risen Lord did not always reveal his identity straight away, but they found him out, and ran eagerly to announce: "The Master is alive!" (cf. Lk 24:23)
Like them, Sophie too went many times, with the spices of her faith and trust, to meet difficult situations and people whom others had "given up for dead".
She knew how frail and fickle were those she championed, but this perception did not make her love any less obstinate, nor did it quench the fire of her trust: she was sure of God's power to make Life burst forth from death.
We too are called to run along that path, open to wonder, relying on remembered words that promise life, ready to let ourselves be surprised by the presence of the Living One who awaits us in the Galilee of our lives.
During our prayer, let us welcome our meeting with Jesus, who floods us with his joy; he longs to send us out so that we can tell everyone the marvelous news of Easter.
Dolores Aleixandre rscj
Province of Southern Spain
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