Year of Prayer: Week 21

  • « Domine, in simplicitate cordis meus laetus obtuli universa... »

The new frontier

After the fall of communism in Russia, Moscow became a special place of mission for RSCJ.  In the time of Philippine, numbers of residents of the village of Florissant were baptized each Easter.  Every year numbers of adults, prepared by the RSCJ of Moscow, receive the sacraments of Christian initiation at Easter.

After the Revolution, France needed “workers” for a new evangelization, but the call of America was still more important to Philippine because the Indian peoples had heard nothing of the Good News of God. “Here I am!” was Philippine’s answer.

Philippine encountered many difficulties in the New World: poverty, sickness, hard work, loneliness, and corrupt ways.  In all those contradictions a LIVELY FAITH was her support. This faith was expressed for her by obedience through an ongoing relationship with Sophie. It was also expressed in an honest dialogue with the clergy of Louisiana. 

The fruitfulness of her labours came from her acceptance of suffering of all kinds, of humiliations and failures.  Her consolation came from long hours of prayer at night before the Blessed Sacrament, where she drew new strength and peace from the Heart of Jesus.  “It is less by succeeding than by putting up with setbacks, that you are destined to please me” she heard one day during prayer.

The rebirth of the Church in Russia challenges languages, cultures and many nations on the borders between Europe and Asia. We must respond as RSCJ.  What are the calls of the General Chapter 2016? Let us be guided forward!

Maria Stecka rscj