Year of Prayer: Week 37

  • Detail of artwork by Catherine Blood rscj
  • Image: Catherine Blood rscj
  • Image: Catherine Blood rscj
A Prayer to Philippine
Full of courage in the face of suffering and misunderstandings,
obtain moral strength for us.
Humble, zealous, and unpossessive in friendship, 
teach us to love with the Heart of Jesus Christ.
Tireless in the struggle for the Reign of Christ,
communicate your eagerness to us.
Living lesson on prayer, help us to live our spirituality
of incarnation and paschal mystery.
Inspirer of missionary love towards the poorest,
obtain for us zeal for the Kingdom.
Patient in awaiting the Lord’s time, teach us hope.
Persevering in the engagement of causes for the indigenous,
open our heart to all our sisters and brothers.
Inimitable adorer of the Eucharistic Jesus, communicate to us
your desire for a total gift of ourselves.
Our herald to the Southern Hemisphere, obtain for us the grace
of a genuine option for the poor.
Example of poverty and total emptying of self,
teach us forgetfulness of self.
Saint Philippine, pray for us to the Heart of Jesus,
the one to whom you gave your life without reserve.

Maria Cecilia Amarante rscj