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  • JPIC Meeting: Closing Mass - Reflection

    "What we have seen and shared, and the cries that we have heard during these days, call us to be givers of life... to be artisans of hope.... Might this be a new moment and call to greater radicality on the part of the Society of the Sacred Heart and of the whole Family of the Sacred Heart?"

  • Video: Thank You!

    The JPIC International Meeting would not have been possible without the help of so many people who worked behind the scenes.

  • JPIC Meeting: Closing Message

    Daphne Sequeira rscj, the JPIC Link to the Central Team, delivered the Closing Message.

  • JPIC Meeting: Day 10

    "JPIC is a style of LIFE, of relationship, of ‘caring’. It is the living out of our commitment to Jesus and to those who are close to his heart."

  • JPIC Meeting: Day 9

    "... through our contemplation of the pierced Heart of Jesus, we are impelled to protect life in the suffering humanity in our own countries, provinces and regions where we represent the Society."

  • JPIC Meeting: Day 8

    "I feel that today’s experiences are asking us all to commit ourselves to listen with all of senses so that we may understand fully before we speak."

  • JPIC Meeting: Day 7

    "My desire is to be more aware about unjust systems and to help young people in their search for a just and peaceful world."

  • JPIC Meeting: Day 6

    "Listening to the report of Anne Corry and Sheila Smith was a proud moment for me. These opened my eyes to the productive realities of our internationality. It is our “good news” for the oppressed."

  • JPIC Meeting: Day 5

    "We are citizens of our world and we are invited to create spaces that might help to break unjust structures. Let us remember that we cannot do this alone, but that we CAN do it together, and with the help of Philippine, to whom we can confide these efforts."

  • JPIC Meeting: Bicentennial Mass - Reflection

    "Let us thank Philippine today for being willing to grapple with the evils of her time and for finding ways to do good even when those ways were incomplete and imperfect. May we find the courage and humility to do the same."

  • JPIC Meeting: Bicentennial Mass - Call to Worship

    "Let us celebrate our sister Philippine today, a woman of courage who gives us courage, a woman of hope who gives us hope, a woman of vision who urges us to participate in creating a world that mirrors God’s vision for his people."

  • Year of Prayer: Week 53

    Readings for the Mass of Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne

  • JPIC Meeting: Day 4

    "An intense and productive day focused on transformation and hope."

  • JPIC Meeting: "Hacia una necesaria geopolítica de la esperanza"

    A translation into English of the presentation of Juan Luis Hernández at the JPIC Meeting may be accessed here.

  • JPIC Meeting: Day 3

    "It is just the beginning of our journey of discernment!"

The times in which we live call for fervor, fidelity and generosity.
The heart's best security is to trust in God alone.
St. Madeleine Sophie Barat


"We are convinced that our lives, given in love, are the strongest expression of our spirituality. (General Chapter 2000)

Let us share, through prayer and reflection, through our different expressions and cultures, how we live this spirituality today.


“The pierced Heart of Jesus opens our being to the depths of God and to the anguish of humankind.”  (Constitutions #8)