Collaborating in Mission

From General Chapter 2008 to Sacred Heart Friends and Colleagues
For many years there has been collaboration between the Religious of the Sacred Heart and our colleagues and friends who have shared our spirituality, life and mission. General Chapter 2000 called us live this in reciprocity.
In many countries the collaboration has greatly expanded in the last eight years with a dynamism we might not have been able to foresee. In all our educational undertakings, both formal and popular, our colleagues carry the mission and charism for us, with us. In some provinces, Associates continue to develop. Others have found different ways of sharing our spirituality and life, as alumnae/i volunteers, groups of young people, prayer and reflection groups.
At our General Chapter 2008, we have recognised the many ways in which you are a part of the Society of the Sacred Heart. You encourage us to continue to walk in the way of Sophie. Her heritage belongs to us all. With you we try to listen to the heartbeat of God in the reality of our world. Together let us continue to strive for a world where no one is excluded and each one has a rightful place.
We have been moved to reach out to you in gratitude for all the ways in which you walk with us. With you we embark on the next stage of the history of the Society with courage and confidence. 
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