BFN: Vocation and Youth Ministry

In the BFN Province (Belgium-France-Netherlands), Vocation and Youth Ministry is alive!  Taking different forms, these programs cater to 18-35-year-olds.

First, we have the « Come and see » program, wherein communities open their doors and their hearts to these encounters among young people.  The youth are accompanied by an RSCJ; they join us for Eucharist, prayers, and some opportunities for formation. These have been moments of real joy, for both the young ones and the RSCJ community.

We also invite participation in:

  • larger-scale activities related to the Ignatian network MAGIS or diocesan events, like marches, retreats, and sessions;

  • the Volontariat International, which offers young people a human and spiritual experience of great richness; and,

  • the Sophie Barat Spiritual Center in Joigny, which is a wellspring for learning how to pray, re-read one’s experiences, and discern.

Many RSCJ personally accompany young people; and we experience being formed ourselves, as we often witness how the Lord works in the hearts of young people.

The challenge that we currently face is how to bring together these different vocation and youth ministry programs, and to engage in these with greater co-responsibility.


Section |Vocation & Youth Ministry

Province |Belgium/France/Netherlands