About Us

The Society of the Sacred Heart was founded in France by St. Madeleine Sophie Barat in 1800. Today over sixteen hundred Religious of the Sacred Heart (RSCJ) – Catholic sisters who have made a lifelong commitment to the Society of the Sacred Heart and its mission to discover and reveal the love of Jesus through education – serve in 43 different countries around the world.

We are sent by the Church to communicate the love of the Heart of Jesus. In Him all find their true growth as persons and the way towards reconciliation with one another. (Const. 10)
We participate in the mission of the Church through the service of education. (Const 7)

Three parables about the Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus emerged from the 2016 General Chapter that accompany us and put us in movement to respond to the challenges of today’s world from an evangelical perspective.

The Society is as a body moved from its center by love.

Within this body, life flows, weaving different kinds of connections, bringing energy and flexibility to each part. What affects one of these parts affects the whole body. Likewise, this body belongs to a large ecosystem that is in transformation and it needs to live processes of change: opening its senses, firmly planting its bare feet on the earth, breathing in rhythm with the heartbeat of Life.
The Society is also like bread patiently made.

Yeast is mixed with the other ingredients and transforms the whole dough through a hidden process of fermentation. Then it is necessary to knead the dough and to let it rest until it is ready to pass through the fire. Only after this time in the fire will the bread be ready to be offered.
The Society is like a family that decides to set sail, in search of new life, a new land.

The family brings what is essential from its heritage and wants to share its treasure with all who might need it. To undertake this journey, they must part with what had been essential on land and replace it with what is going to be needed during the crossing. This family is aware that they must be ever more united in order to come face to face with what is yet unknown and to share the Love that is their way of life. They will learn to confront new storms. Each day they and others with them will look together toward the horizon with the hope of finding a new land where the little ones can grow in an atmosphere of trust and safety.

RSCJ are living their mission of discovering and revealing the love of the Heart of Jesus in 43 countries around the world. They are currently organized by provinces that include one or more countries. Click on the map to learn more:

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The Generalate of the Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is made up of the Superior General and her Council, as well as different teams and commissions that support them, to further the unity and vitality of the Congregation in the service of the Gospel. Our motto is: “Cor Unum et Anima Una in Corde Jesu”

Our way of life

Life in Community

Our communities are called to create a space that invites us to live a life based on love, an open space to share with other men and women the paths of respect, intimacy, justice, hope and a life that is kind to all.
Interior life

We seek to incarnate in our daily life, through our presence and service, the compassion and forgiveness of the Heart of Jesus and, with other men and women, to bring to birth a world where humanity, justice and tenderness are possible.
Simple life/life among the poorest

In a consumer-oriented society where there is an ever increasing gap between those who have choices and those who lack them, we wish to live with a greater congruence. Choosing anew a lifestyle of simplicity allows us to put our priorities in order and discover what is truly important.

How did you hear the call?