Vanesa Peralta

I was born in Reconquista, a city of Santa Fe province in Argentina. I come from a simple family, and was brought up by my grandparents, aunts, and uncles.  In my youth I was always involved in parish groups.

I was 27 years old when, thanks to Laura Miguel, a friend who has since died, I began to take seriously my desire to follow Jesus among the poorest in society.

In a conversation one day with some friends, Laura told me: “You have a religious vocation.” At that moment I told her she was crazy, but the question had broken forth in my being.

That is how I began my search and my journey.
In 2003 I got to know the RSCJ in Reconquista and began an accompaniment process with Ana María Gallart rscj.

At our first meeting I told her I wanted to have a conversation with her about the religious vocation . She responded in this way:  “Here this is not a matter of ‘religious vocation’.  Rather, I will help you discover your place in life, because the most important thing is to find where we can be the person we are meant to become, and to grow as a human being.”

Those words are imprinted in my heart, to be forever remembered.

Following this accompaniment and discernment, in 2005 I began my journey with the Religious of the Sacred Heart in Buenos Aires. I am still on that journey, currently living in the Guadalupe community in Salto, Uruguay.

I lived in various communities over the years: Villa Jardín; Ituzaingó for my Nazareth formation (“novitiate”); then back to Villa Jardín in 2008 after my first vows; and from there to Reconquista, my home ground.

Today, I am in Salto,Uruguay, where I have recently arrived….

At this point I feel that I have come to this community to let my heart be widened and able to welcome more people. I have come to join the Sisters in the barrio in Guadalupe, ready to live our charism, which is to “Discover and make known the love of the Heart of Jesus.”

I come.… following in the footsteps of other Sisters who have offered their lives in this land.

*** This profile was written in November 2016.  
Two years later, on the 28th of January 2018, Vanesa made her final vows as a Religious of the Sacred Heart.

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