Living our educational mission

We participate in the mission of the Church through the service of education. (Constitutions of 1982, §7)

Caught up as we are in the desires of His Heart, we want people to grow in dignity, as human beings and as children of God. Our starting point is the Gospel with all that it demands from us of love, forgiveness and justice, and of solidarity with those who are poor and rejected by the world. (Constitutions of 1982, §7)

Wherever we are sent, whatever our work may be, our lives will be inspired by the love of the Heart of Jesus and the desire of making Him known, expressed in: a concern for the growth of the whole person, a thirst for working towards justice and peace in the world in response to the cry of the poor, a passion to proclaim the Gospel. (Constitutions of 1982, §13)

Education in schools

Sophie’s life was a journey experienced during a complex, volatile moment in history. Over time and amid successes and failures as a founder and as an educator, Sophie came to see that ultimate truth is encountered through relationships and in prayer. Wholly committed to the work of education, Sophie underscored the absolute need for silence and for contemplation. Her life illustrates how fully living in the Risen Christ allows one to see the world with new eyes, eyes of compassion and hope. This is the perspective from which Sophie envisioned Sacred Heart education. It is from this experience of being loved and loving that Sophie received and developed her vision of education.

Sophie considered the service of education as the primary means by which the Society would carry on its mission of communicating the love of the Heart of Jesus. For her, education was never the end. The end was to rebuild the fractured world around her in hope; the means was forming young people to intelligent faith, compassionate action, and courageous hope.

Goals and criteria

Sharing in the mission of the Society of the Sacred Heart to reveal God’s love in the heart of the world.

Schools of the Sacred Heart commit to educate to:

A personal
and active
faith in God

A deep
respect for

A social
that impels
to action

The building
of community
as a Christian

growth in an
of wise

News from our schools and alumni