International Education Commission

Front: Suzanne Cooke rscj (USC), Urszula Głowacka rscj (POL), and José Basaula rscj (RDC-TCH).
Back: Mieko Uno rscj (JPN), Eloisa Gómez rscj (ARU) and Mª José Domínguez rscj (ESP)

The Commission — José Basaula rscj (RDC), Suzanne Cooke rscj (USC), Eloisa Gómez rscj (ARU), Urszula Głowacka rscj (POL), Mª José Domínguez rscj (ESP), and Mieko Uno rscj (JPN) — took the leadership for carrying out the recommendation of General Chapter 2016 to strengthen the Society’s mission of education.  

Specifically, the Commission was responsible to:

  1. Update our philosophy of education with an emphasis on humanization.
  2. Research current programs that exist throughout the Society and develop, articulate and disseminate an International Formation to Mission Program for Educators of the Family of the Sacred Heart.
  3. Assess the relationship of each province’s educational institutions (formal and non-formal) to the Society, including but not limited to responsibility for mission, financial, legal.

The goal of this part of the work was to see what ways of accountability for mission in “works of the province” currently exist within each province with the idea that we look at possible future ways to oversee the mission in institutions that bear our name.

Coming from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America, the commission members found unity in Sophie’s charism and our shared mission as Sacred Heart educators. During their initial meeting, members focused on building a sense of team among us and developing a shared understanding of our responsibilities. The commission also began to identify key concepts for the philosophy of Sacred Heart education.

They then engaged in studying important Society documents regarding education in order to deepen their understanding of education as a process of humanization, rooted in the Gospel and in the educational intuitions of Madeleine Sophie.

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Suzanne Cooke rscj

Front:  Mieko Uno (JPN), Urszula Głowacka (POL), Eloisa Gómez (ARU), Chiqui Dominguez (ESP), Jose Basaula (RDC)
Back:  Gabriela Scanavino and Margaret Phelan (interpreters), Suzanne Cooke (USC), Hilary Thompson (ENW)