Anita Nazareth

Anita Nazareth and her students

It was at my First Holy Communion that the Lord Jesus entered my childlike heart and whispered to me: “Come follow me! You will be a witness of my love – to all peoples.”

I have never doubted that call of Jesus – my vocation just grew stronger over the years. The nuns in my school impressed me with their kindness and warmth – I wanted to be like them.  

At catechism class, I loved to listen to gospel stories about Jesus – His teaching, His miracles and especially His sincere concern for the poor, the sick, the sinners. My favourite gospel passage was the Wedding Feast at Cana. Jesus, the Son of God, quietly worked a special miracle to bring joy into the lives of ordinary people in their time of need. Though His hour had not yet come, He listened to the advice of His beloved mother. Mary could confidently say to the people: “Do whatever my son, Jesus, tells you.” I wanted to be like Jesus, like Mary. I felt called to bring joy into the lives of ordinary people, especially the poor.

As I grew up, I realized that the best way to respond to the call of Jesus was to become a religious. I read the Gospels regularly and participated in the daily Eucharist. I joined a prayer group to try to discern the will of God for me. After working for two years as a school teacher, I recognized that God was calling me to join a teaching congregation. 

My devout father and mother had been praying that one or two of their six children would serve God in religious life. They readily and joyfully gave me permission to follow God’s call. In fact they were thrilled when I shared my decision of wanting to be a sister.  

At that time, the Religious of the Sacred Heart (RSCJ) were engaged in pastoral work in our parish (St. Michael’s, Mahim) and I was privileged to attend a Vocation Discernment camp organised by them for the youth.  It was during that camp that God revealed His will clearly to me: “Come follow me. You will be a witness of my love to all peoples – by becoming a ‘Religious of the Sacred Heart’”. The Call on the day of my First Holy Communion was confirmed!

Over all my growing years, through all the years of my religious life, my Lord, Jesus, has always been at my side.  

I feel very blessed to be a religious of the Sacred Heart, to reveal His love to the poor and needy, to glorify His name and sing His praises all the days of my life.

I am content and happy in my religious family. What gives me the greatest joy in religious life is when, like Jesus, like Mary, I have been able to bring joy into the lives of ordinary people…a humble witness of God’s love to all peoples!

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