Bushfires in Australia: Call for Prayer

“Many of you have been in touch and conveyed your thoughts and prayers for the situation with the bushfires in Australia. Thank you for that. It means a lot to know that you are united with us at this time….

We have seen the best and the worst of humanity. Over these months we have witnessed such goodness and generosity of heart of individuals and communities. Let us hope such inspiration can be a channel of ongoing change. Compassion and resilience are so evident. I do not know anyone who is not moved by the sights and sounds we hear either in person or the images on TV. They are heartbreaking! They are heartwarming! I usually end up in tears. Our sisters are safe. As far as I am aware our families and friends are all safe, although some have lost property and lived through harrowing experiences. I certainly cannot say we are untouched by these events as they do and will leave their mark… and they are not over yet. We still have another two months of summer remaining….

Thank you for your care, concern and prayer for Australia, her people, her flora and her fauna. We count on your prayer support and are grateful for it, and ask you to continue to keep us in your prayer. This bushfire crisis is far from over, and it is certainly a time and a place where the piercing of Jesus’ Heart is taking place.”

Excerpts from the letter from Lynette Toohey rscj, ANZ Provincial


Section |Praying with the World

Province |Australia/New Zealand