Commemorating the feast of St. Madeleine Sophie at Sapporo Sacred Heart School

This year is the last feast day of St. Madeleine Sophie to be celebrated at Sapporo Sacred Heart, as it will be closed in March 2025. 

Four of the first Alumnae (Class of ’69) were invited to spend the day of celebration together with the last students of the school, the 57th class (high school seniors). We attended the Mass celebrated by Father Chiba, who was ordained in March, and were impressed by his talk on “love as a personal relationship with Jesus, to be spread into the world”, based on the Parable of the Vine, a favorite of St. Madeleine Sophie.

Next, four alumnae from the Class of ’69 (the president of the alumni association Monica-kai and the mothers of the graduates, including the composer of the current school song) shared their memories of the founding days and their thoughts on life. The students sang the old school song up to the 30th anniversary and the current school song to show gratitude, then received words from Sister Uno, the President of the Board of Trustees.

The event ended with a luncheon where the first and the last students were able to share their thoughts and feelings. We thank those who helped to make this celebration possible, along with St. Madeleine Sophie, Mother Monica Yoshikawa, our foundress, and all who watched over today’s celebrations from heaven, for making it a wonderful time. This indeed was a day of blessing!

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