Easter Greetings from Japan and Fukushima

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The Japan province and Fukushima Mission send their Easter greetings to the Society and an update on what they have been doing.

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The people in Fukushima are feeling very tired now. The great earthquake in 2011, another one in 2021, and a third one this year on March 16….this one was as big as, or depending on the area, much bigger than the one in 2011.  Two RSCJ living in Fukushima and working in a volunteer center have experienced the fear of the earthquake along with the local people.  Thanks to the Sacred Heart schools’ graduates, we were able to help by getting blue/silver tarps for the repairing of roof tiles badly damaged by the earthquake.  We  also delivered boxes of water in plastic bottles to those who had no water or power for some time after the earthquake. Many volunteers from different parts of Japan come and stay at the Caritas Minamisoma Volunteer Center.  They go out to the area where roof tiles need to be repaired.  After coming back from their hard and risky work, one of the members played the harp for us. This gives us strength, and encourages us to continue our volunteer activities.

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One day we went to Odaka to help paint the small hut of the inn with the color blue and yellow to show our solidarity with the people in Ukraine.  We were thinking of the beautiful sky and wheat fields of Ukraine. Odaka and Ukraine have had a strong relationship since the nuclear power plant accident. The people of Ukraine supported the people of Odaka, who experienced the disaster of radiation. They have been communicating with one another all these years.

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After waiting for a long time, spring is now in the air. Although it is a little difficult for us to fully enjoy Easter, we continue walking, believing in the spirit of the Risen Christ, and helping one another to bring peace and joy to the whole world.


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