Go into the world, leaving a gentle footprint

Alice Usai, Archivist at the Society’s General Archives, shares photos of Madeleine Sophie’s travel cutlery, and reflects on the importance of travel for Madeleine Sophie and for the Society’s charism.

Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat used to travel around Europe with this travel cutlery. I think it is interesting to note now much she traveled and also how much she was a woman of her times. Certainly Saint Madeleine Sophie felt traveling was an important part of her responsibilities as the Superior General and Foundress of the Society.

The travel and missionary aspect is still a fundamental part of the Society’s charism and I, as lay person working for the Society, remain in awe of Saint Madeleine Sophie’s intelligence and organizational ability. This travel cutlery, to me, symbolizes part of her teaching: we need to go into the world being self-sufficient and leaving a gentle footprint.

My wish for the Society is that it always remain faithful to this vision: ecologically conscious, open to the world and focused on its needs.

Alice Usai
General Archives of the Society of the Sacred Heart

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