“His wounds have healed us”: Contemplating the pierced Sacred Heart

"They will contemplate the one they have pierced", by Patricia Hevia rscj

“His wounds have healed us”. Is 53:5

Over the years, the wounds of Jesus have become for me a place of attraction, a place of encounter. His pierced heart, open forever, offers itself to me as a door of access that leads me into the mystery of His love, a love that is tender, compassionate, and merciful.

On the cross, a wound was opened that remains open to this day. This wound is a wound through which life flows, paradoxically, it is a wound that brings life. Contemplating Jesus in this way, from the mystery of His pierced heart, opens a way for us to go to Him with our vulnerability, with our own wounds – which are of death, and with the fragility of our existence. When Jesus presents himself to his disciples, already risen, the first thing He does is to show them His hands and His side: His new life keeps the memory of that infinite love and at the same time of the vulnerability of what was His existence among us.

It is as if he were saying to us:

  • If you are tired, come to me!
  • If you experience weakness, come to me!
  • If you carry in you the suffering of the little ones, come to me!
  • If you feel the weight of your own wounds (psychological, physical, existential…), come to me!
  • If you are pained by the cry of our land, come to me!
  • If hopelessness gnaws at you, come to me!

Whatever situation we may think, experience, live, nothing is excluded from this force of love that is born from the infinite wound, everything is embraced by this energy that springs from vulnerability. And then, our wounds, the wounds of the pierced of our world, through this love, can become open furrows where death is transformed into life.

Patricia Hevia rscj

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