JPIC Image: “Transforming Relationships” by Ana Morales rscj


The image “Transforming Relationships” is a visual representation of an RSCJ approach to JPIC. It represents our blessed and broken world, and visualizes how RSCJ strive to be open to the Spirit who invites us to integrate community, interior life, and life with the poor. The image depicts a threefold movement for the transformation of minds, hearts, and actions within all forms of relationship: cosmic, planetary, and social. It represents God’s embrace of the simultaneous complexities of relationships as blessed and broken, and depicts how the dynamic charism of the Society of the Sacred Heart, to glorify God by discovering and revealing God's love, can be transforming for all. 

Some elements expressed in the image:

Sophie leads the way:  The open heart shows energy and depicts the dynamism of the Sacred Heart charism. The open heart is formed by men, women and a girl. The figures in green and grey are doves. The artist expresses the transformation that is achieved through the action of the Holy Spirit.

A View from Behind and Below:  We look at the open heart from behind and the world from below. We are followers of Jesus and our response is to the calls of the world. This emphasizes that we are not the initiators; we are capable responders who collaborate with the Spirit in the work of transformation. Following Jesus transforms our perception of the dominant way the world is more commonly viewed.

Water, Fire, Earth, Air, Humans, Plants, Animals, Energy, and Colour:  JPIC reflects human and other than human life, all connected and sharing the same elements and energy. The artist says that the figure that emerges from the abyss of the continent is in red, symbolising suffering. It could represent fire as well.

Blessed and Broken:  The dynamic image portrays the complex realities of life. 

The International JPIC Coordination Committee
Anne Corry (ANZ) Coordinator
Miren Lumbreras (ESP)
Joy Luz (PHI)
Cecile Meijer (USC) Ex-officio UN-NGO
Solome Najjuka (UGK)
Rosario Sanchez (PER)
Sheila Smith (USC)

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