The Letter: Laudato Sí Film

The Vatican has published a documentary on Laudato Sí, which talks about our current environmental crisis and how it is impacting nature and people.

Republished with permission from the Society of the Sacred Heart – United States–Canada Province: 

“As educators for justice, we are committed to reflection, critical analysis and action in order to effect changes in the root causes and systems that endanger our planet and those who are most vulnerable. As we search for solutions we acknowledge the importance of listening to the voices of those who are most affected by the abuse of our common home. All our actions must be inspired by this spiritual and moral imperative.” — Being Artisans of Hope in our Blessed and Broken World, p.10

In 2015, Pope Francis wrote Laudato Sí, an encyclical letter about the environmental crisis to every single person in the world.  A few years later, four voices that have gone unheard in global conversations have been invited to an unprecedented dialogue with the Pope. Hailing from Senegal, the Amazon, India, and Hawai’i, they bring perspective and solutions from the poor, the indigenous, the youth, and wildlife into a conversation with Pope Francis himself. 

In 2022, on the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi, the Vatican released a new documentary titled “The Letter,” which follows their journey to Rome and the extraordinary experiences that took place there, and is packed with powerfully moving personal stories alongside the latest information about the planetary crisis and the toll it’s taking on nature and people.

The film is the result of a partnership among the Vatican, the Laudato Si’ Movement and Off the Fence Productions, which was behind the Oscar-nominated documentary “My Octopus Teacher.”

You can find “The Letter” on YouTube here:​​​​​ Additional resources can be found at

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