A Maternal Visit from St. Madeleine Sophie

Helen Rosenthal RSCJ reflects upon a difficult time in her life, when Saint Madeleine Sophie visited her, giving her a deep sense of peace and hope, a gift that has never left her in all these years:

“When I arrived in Chile straight from my profession in Rome, I did not know any Spanish. I struggled, as I was in charge of the middle school with 153 children. I was feeling lonely and incapable of most of what I was being asked to do. Then, St. Madeleine Sophie came to me in a dream one night and gave me such a deep peace that it was a pure gift. Her nocturnal visit seemed to solve all my problems and I can still feel her maternal presence as she came to me that night. Because of this apparition, I have never doubted her love and help when I call upon her. I will be spending her feast thanking her for her many gifts to me and to the Society of the Sacred Heart.”

Helen Rosenthal RSCJ

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