170 Years of a New Vision: Videos from the Colegio del Sagrado Corazón in Chile

  • Road to an open heart
    Road to an open heart
  • Ana's journey
    Ana's journey
  • The footprint of faith
    The footprint of faith
  • The arrival of Ana du Rousier
    The arrival of Ana du Rousier
  • The footsteps of Anna du Rousier
    The footsteps of Anna du Rousier
  • The arrival and inauguration of the school
    The arrival and inauguration of the school
  • A journey for education
    A journey for education

The Arts and Technology Education and English Departments are pleased to share the interdisciplinary project of the 4th grade students (those in their last year of high school, around 17-18 years old).

The students created videos using the STOPMOTION animation technique, which gave shape to the stories. The objective of their videos was to communicate the importance and impact of the educational methods used by the Religious of the Sacred Heart since their arrival in Chile, which have formed sensitive people who are capable of transforming their environment up until the present day.

For this event, some teachers from different departments within the educational community of the Sacred Heart school and students from other levels were invited to attend the Bilingual Artistic Project commemorating the 170th anniversary of the arrival of the Religious of the Sacred Heart in Chile.

The project aims to bring to life the spirituality of our school, which calls on us to form people capable of meeting and facing different challenges in a creative and innovative way; to make them aware of the reality of their environment; to solve problems and to have a positive impact on society.

The high school students who have developed this material were inspired by the book Educar a la Francesa by Alexandrine De la Taille. In her book, the author describes the importance of the schooling of Chilean women in the 19th century and how the first French nuns played a fundamental role in the progress of education in Chile as well as in the development of women, as they began to venture into the area of knowledge, which up to that point had been reserved for men.

The videos presented are very significant and highlight, among other things, how Madeleine Sophie sent Ana Du Rousier to North America, while other videos relate every moment lived by the first religious in Chile and their reception by the Church and Chilean society.

We hope that this simple contribution will help others to enjoy the work of our students at the Sacred Heart school in Concepción. The school is located in the eighth region, called the Bío Bío Region.

We are grateful for the creativity of the students, as well as the support of the teachers of the following subjects:

Art: Gladys Lillo Saavedra / Claudio Muñoz Stuardo.

English: Verónica Pérez / Natacha Contreras / Karen Espinoza / Konstanza Lafarque.

Music: Náyade Pradena / Marcelo Tamayo.

Click on the links to watch the videos (please note that some videos may be blocked in some countries due to copyright restrictions):

Michaihue Community - Concepción

Living Our Mission: