2017 Mission Activity in the Valley of Mezquital

Mission Together with Sacred Heart students
discovering and manifesting the love of the 
Heart of Jesus in the Valley of Mezquital.
We are preparing for the celebration of the arrival in America
200 years ago of the first Sacred Heart missionary,
Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne.
"God does not ask great things from us, 
but only asks a heart that holds nothing back."
During Holy Week, families of the Sacred Heart School of Mexico, from five-year-old girls and boys up to seniors of 60 years of age, took part in the Mission Activity in the Valley of Mezquital. A group of young people searching for their vocation also joined, accompanied by Celia Salinas rscj.

Inspired by the theme of Laudato Si’, we shared faith and life with 10 indigenous communities of the hñañu (Otomies), who are faced with significant problems such as poverty, migration, and loneliness in their older years.

The hopes of these communities and the signs of life that we learned so much about were: their solidarity, generosity , communal organisation, the value of the family, and faith.
The witness of these simple and committed people invited us to deepen our own faith and to commit ourselves to the care of "our common home.”
Lucila Madero rscj