ASIANZ Novitiate: Ceremony of First Profession

The Feast of the Sacred Heart is an important moment for RSCJ all over the world.  As an international body, we renew our commitment to follow Jesus Christ, discovering and revealing His love in this blessed and broken world.

This day was made even more special for us because we witnessed Norlissa (PHI) and Theresa (KOC) -- the first fruits of the ASIANZ Novitiate -- profess their first vows as Religious of the Sacred Heart.

Bethanie Sulleza RSCJ, the canonical leader of the Philippine District, welcomed all of us to the celebration and underlined the significance of Norlissa’s and Theresa’s YES:

In their two years of novitiate formation, they have listened deeply to the voice of God through their life experiences, choosing them and calling them to this path of life. They have entered their heart and began to see their giftedness, as well as their woundedness. They have learned that, through joys and struggles, triumphs and failures, their lives are to be centered in Jesus’ loving and pierced heart. They are now women of the Pierced Heart – women who can be in solidarity with the wounds of humanity because they know and experience the breadth and length and height and depth of Christ’s love.

We share this slide presentation of photos taken during the Ceremony of First Profession held on 16th June 2023 at the chapel of the ASIANZ Novitiate in Montalban, Philippines.

The Philippine District and the KOC Province

ASIANZ Novitiate first vows ceremony - 16 June 2023