Celebrating the first vows of Nakiganda Ruth in UGK

  • From the left: Nakiganda Ruth, Priscillian Kampame, and Anamaria Nankusu. On the right: Fr. Joseph King
  • From the left: Priscillian Kampame, Nakiganda Ruth, and Josephine Wright
  • From the left: Philomene Dikamba, Godelieve Nzuzi Mavuela, Nakiganda Ruth, Obierge Makiese Batuvuamina and Blandine Basosa Madila

On January 2, 2024, Nakiganda Ruth made her first vows at the Mbikko Novitiate House. The ceremony was presided over by Fr. Joseph King, a Mill Hill priest.  Sister Anamaria Nankusu, the UGK Provincial, received her vows. The celebration was attended by her parents and other family members and friends; the sisters in the UGK Province and four sisters from the RDC-Chad Province; some parishioners; some religious men and women from other congregations; some of our collaborators and her teachers at St. Bernadette Primary School Nakibizzi.