Celebrating Sophie's Feast

  • Sketch of Sophie by Pilar de la Herran rscj (ESP)


Madeleine Sophie's feast on May 25 is fast approaching.  Here are some resources for prayer or reflection that are available on websites of some Provinces.  Click on the title of the resource to access the material.


ANZ     Sophie's Story

ENW    Sophie's Feast


BFN     La Fondatrice


CHI     Sofía Barat:  Un Sí en la Indecisión

COL     A Santa Magadalena Sofía 

MEX     "Somos enviadas...."

PER      Chasqui Perú Edición Especial 2015

VEN     ¡Venezuela está de fiesta!

Please add to this collection of resources by emailing the links to rscj.webweaver@gmail.com