Moving towards a new province

On September 23, 2023, a significant event marked the online celebration, of temporarily naming the proposed new province formed by the Australia and New Zealand (ANZ), Japan (JPN), and the Korea and Chinese (KOC) provinces. The name chosen is "NEANZ", which stands for Northeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

The festivities began with a spectacular fireworks display, setting a festive tone for the day. This was followed by an opening prayer, during which each of the three provinces provided detailed presentations on their current situations and future plans. Additionally, the three provinces shared insights from their recent Provincial and Council/Leadership Team meeting, which had taken place in Sydney from August 17 to 20. They also offered prayers in preparation for the 2024 General Chapter.

The event, though brief, lasted approximately an hour and a half and was filled with a palpable sense of anticipation and excitement. This collective enthusiasm stemmed from the recognition of the three provinces working harmoniously together to form a united body. The transparent and honest sharing of each province's realities during the event helped foster a deeper understanding among the participants and stoked anticipation for what the future holds.

In the upcoming provincial Chapters, each Chapter will include 2-3 sisters from other provinces, emphasizing the spirit of collaboration and unity. Moreover, there are plans to develop scenarios for the new governance structure.

The history of these provinces is noteworthy: the Australian Province, founded in 1882, expanded its presence by incorporating the Japanese Province in 1908. In 1956, the Korean Province emerged as a separate entity from the Japanese Province. Now, these provinces are making a journey together to form one cohesive body, and they are resolute in their commitment to share their sisterhood to not only contribute to peace in the Northeast Asia region but also to promote world peace.

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Celebration of NEANZ Province