Contemplating Mater

  • Flor Larios - Saatchiart
    Flor Larios - Saatchiart
  • Mater - Trinità dei Monti
    Mater - Trinità dei Monti
  • Bogotá Colombia - Madre Margaret M Nealis 1916
    Bogotá Colombia - Madre Margaret M Nealis 1916
  • Paulina - Mater Granada 1860
    Paulina - Mater Granada 1860
  • Image: Flickr
    Image: Flickr
  • Paulina - Mater Godella 1883
    Paulina - Mater Godella 1883

Contemplating Mater

Mater leads us to contemplation: She is silence, She is prayer. These images of Mater, located in various schools of the Society, have inspired so many girls, religious and alumnae who have visited her and spent time praying in front of the Mater of “YES”.

Sabine de Valon Superior General (1958-1967) invited us in a simple book "A Few Minutes with Her" to pray with Mater. Today we share with these images, some excerpts of her inspiration.

Let us celebrate this feast with joy and trust in our Mother.

Click on the link below to view the images and read the words of Sabine de Valon, rscj (in Spanish)

Ana María Uribe rscj
Province of Colombia