Covid-19 Update: Colombia

As of 27th March 2020

We are living day by day... grateful for life... in an atmosphere of solidarity and sisterhood... the horizon has been opened to us in our prayer... it is not only Bogotá, it is not only Colombia... it is Spain, Italy, Africa... this gaze upon our world has led us to "feel and contemplate with his Heart the sufferings and hopes of humanity," to pray for all... We feel united with all and with the inhabitants of this humanity that experience fear, uncertainty, powerlessness... we all echo the cry for life...

We are thankful that all of the communities are okay, accepting the invitation to stay home. We are deeply grateful because of all that we have, wanting for nothing... learning the importance of care. On the other hand, we hear the cry of so many migrants from Venezuela and displaced persons from our towns who do not have what it takes to live... they are in the streets looking for help... for a market... there is social chaos... there is concern for the basics: that was the expression of one of the Mayors of the South of Bogotá: "if we don't die from the virus, we die from hunger..."

Finally, this community would like to thank the General Council once again for its efforts in reaching Colombia and for the risks they took in returning. What a pity that their tour of the other provinces could not be completed. THANKS BE TO GOD they are now in Rome.

There is a great sense of life, of mission, which makes the Society "One Body." Also the chaos, the pain, invite us to become more in solidarity, more united, more hopeful, more loving, as "One Body."

Community of Santa Magdalena Sofía (Bogotá – Colombia)