Covid-19 Update: England - Wales

As of 31st March 2020

Hello everyone. All of us in ENW send you prayers and blessings in these strange times across the world. It seems a call to be more ‘One Body’ than ever before.

Fortunately, all of us are safe and well at the moment. Our staff who work with us – Administration, Finance, Health Adviser, Care Manager, Human Resources, Care/Pastoral Staff – are working so generously with us to ensure all sisters have what they need in terms of food, medication and communication. The four ‘younger’! members of the Province – Siobhan, Silvana, Cath and Sheila – have all moved out of community into our hospitality houses to keep older, more vulnerable safe and so we can go out for shopping and leave it at their door. We are in lockdown and only able to go out for shopping, medication and exercise near where you live. Most sisters are not going out at all to be as safe as possible. Each day we send a prayer/reflection for everyone to include in their prayer time if they wish and also a photo of something beautiful to look at is also sent.

The Provincial Team meet every morning by Zoom and a number of other meetings are happening by Zoom. We are thinking of other creative ways to keep the Province in touch with each other.

We had visitors in the province when the crisis here began to escalate but thankfully Urszula managed to return to Poland and Nadia has returned to Egypt. We are also relieved to welcome Jane back from Egypt and she is now in 14 days self isolation.

We would really appreciate hearing news from other Provinces to strengthen our sense of ‘One Body’ at this time.

Sheila McNamara, on behalf of the sisters of ENW