Feast of the Sacred Heart 2021

  • Barbara Dawson, Superior General

Feast of the Sacred Heart 2021

Letter from our Superior General

Dear Sisters and the Family of the Sacred Heart,

This letter brings with it love, solidarity and hope as we prepare to celebrate the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and enter into Jesus’s pierced Heart, a heart that is open to both joy and suffering…

We as a global community of sisters, associates, co-workers, family and friends have learned and grown in the midst of this heartrending time.   The pandemic has given us time to renew our life in community, understanding in a new way how much we need each other and finding new avenues to build community among ourselves and with others.  We have learned how to cross frontiers using technology to strengthen our provincial and global communities, inviting and allowing more people to connect than ever before. Most of all, I know that our prayer both individually and communally has deepened in practice…

As a General Council, we thought a hopeful thing we could do is pray together. This year, we invite all of us to pray the Novena of Confidence from June 2 to 10, for our suffering world, for our loved ones and for ourselves: 

O Lord Jesus Christ,

To your most Sacred Heart, I confide:

Our suffering world

Countries at war

The migrants and refugees

The impoverished and most vulnerable

The sick and dying

Those who have lost their jobs

Our beloved ones

Our next Chapter


Only look upon me,

And then do What your Sacred Heart inspires.

Let your Sacred Heart decide

I count on it,

I trust in it

I throw myself on Your mercy,

Lord Jesus!

You will not fail me.


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Society of the Sacred Heart – Message from the Superior General, Barbara Dawson rscj