First Vows of Noemí Martínez in MEX

On Saturday, October 7, the first vows of Noemí Martínez were celebrated in León, Mexico. The mass was led by Miguel Peón, a Jesuit priest, concelebrating with the vicar of the parish, Father Manuel.

Her family was present: her mother, her brothers Humberto and Toño, her friends and some close relatives from Querétaro. The province was very much present: 27 RSCJ (half of the province!) participated in person. It was significant that the province of Chile participated via Zoom, and the community of Haiti, where Sofia Baranda is now (she was her mistress of novices), was also able to follow the celebration, even though the signal was very poor.

The day before, we had an evening prepared by Celia Salinas, in which her family, close friends and some RSCJ participated. We could not forget the memory of her father Don Genaro, who was watching over her from heaven.

The celebration took place in an atmosphere of joy, happiness, song and company. It was held in the street behind the house, and it was a true gathering of neighbors. There was a lot of collaboration so that everything went well: from those who donated the rice and beans, those who offered to cook, those who offered awnings, tables, chairs, the cake, the music and even some cuetes for the night. The day before they came to pave the street and the neighbors even brought cement to "pour" the ramp to the playground for anyone who needed to enter.  It was one of those parties where everyone puts in their loaves and fishes. Everyone ate and there were 12 baskets left over.

We give thanks together with Noemi for this celebration that has revitalized hope.

Watch the video of the entire ceremony