JPIC and UN-NGO Logos

JPIC International is now using a simplified logo but it still contains the key elements of the original artwork designed by Ana Morales RSCJ.  For example:  the perspective of looking through the open heart, the perspective of looking up from the base of the world, symbols of water, growth, fertility and the symbol of the Holy Spirit. 

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The JPIC and UN-NGO logos are designed to represent the work of JPIC in the Society of the Sacred Heart, in our congregation, and at the UN. They match each other with some symbols but they also retain their uniqueness.
  • The open heart: shared symbol of our mission to discover and make known the love of God.

  • The world: our mission is deeply based in the reality of our world.

  • The dove: symbol of the Holy Spirit who gives wisdom and guidance to our efforts.

  • Water and leaf in the JPIC logo: symbols of fertility and hope in our blessed and broken world.

  • The stalk of wheat in the Sacred Heart at the UN logo: symbol of the UN.

  • The cross in the Sacred Heart at the UN logo: represents the presence of Jesus and our Christian values.

Source: New Frontiers: Volume 2, Issue 1 (May 2018)