JPIC International Structure and Strategic Plan

We offer this JPIC International Structure and Strategic Plan to the Family of the Sacred Heart.
This document…  does not represent a conclusion, but rather another new beginning where we now give life to the imperatives in the next phase of the JPIC journey….  Together, with hope and in Cor Unum, we shall write the next pages of this JPIC story.
Being Artisans of Hope in Our Blessed and Broken World, p. 25
As we continue to live the calls of the 2016 General Chapter, we are hopeful that together we will be able:

    to reach new frontiers….

           to make a contribution so that more people will be able to live humanly….

         to create silence that empowers us to live our values of
 to be and act as One Body that loves, practices, and gives witness to JPIC.
    Anne Corry rscj,    Joy Luz rscj,    Sheila Smith rscj
International JPIC Team