JPIC Meeting: Day 2

“…moved by compassion…”

We spent the whole day listening to Jesus telling us the story of the good Samaritan, as it applied to our own lives, our own world.  

It was eye-opening for me to first recognize quandaries in my personal history where I experienced my vulnerability, as well as injustices done in my genealogy caused by gender dominance, war, and occupation.  True enough, these experiences opened my heart to understanding and compassion for others suffering similar situations.

I caught the passion of my RSCJ sisters in our small group, as they shared their conviction, borne too by being confronted with discrimination, insensitivity and systemic disregard of the dignity and rights of others.

“One cannot just leave the victim beaten, stripped and lying there half-dead … someone has to pick him up and travel with him….”

Digna Dacanay rscj
Philippine District