KOC Province: Sacred Heart Exchange Program

  • Sacred Heart students from Seoul (in checkered skirts) and Sacred Heart students from Taiwan (in light blue skirts), together in Seoul, Korea.
On the 14th to the 17th of July 2017,
Sacred Heart Girl's Middle School
in Seoul, Korea
welcomed some students and teachers from
Sacred Heart High School for Girls
in Taiwan.



The Sacred Heart Exchange Program of the Korea-Chinese (KOC) Province aims to:
  1. develop friendship and cooperation between the two Sacred Heart Schools; 
  2. invite deeper understanding of how each school embodies the founding spirit of St. Madeleine Sophie;
  3. provide opportunities for students and teachers to experience, appreciate, and understand each other's culture; and,
  4. encourage students to grow in global consciousness, become comfortable with diversity, and develop skills to relate effectively across cultures.

To achieve these goals, the students engaged in different activities which included:  a three-day "homestay" (each student from Taiwan lived in the home of a Korean student), sharing of cultural presentations, and an experience of student and school life in Sacred Heart School in Korea.

Here are a few photos and feedback from some of the students:


Thank you to the two Sacred Heart Schools for sending the materials used for this brief account.

Living Our Mission: