A Magis Experience in the Province of Spain

As part of World Youth Day in Lisbon and Magis 2023, the Province of Spain was invited to organise a Magis experience for young people from all over the world.

From the beginning, the Province of Spain did not hesitate to get involved by offering two experiences: the Camino de Santiago, and a workshop on dance, creativity and spirituality in our house in Santa María de Huerta.

This workshop was a beautiful example of diversity and internationality. We had the precious collaboration of a Hungarian rscj, Timi Milankovics, and a Hungarian associate, Ilona Valkovics, who led the dance part, and a Spanish friend, Victoria Navarrete, who led the painting workshop. Working alongside them was a team of Spanish rscj, organising, accompanying and animating the experience.

Young people from eight countries took part, creating a beautiful community of thirty people who, to the rhythm of dance, painting, creativity, prayer and living together, were dreaming and creating a future full of hope.

Finally, some of us were able to participate in the Magis Festival in Lisbon in the days leading up to World Youth Day.

We are immensely grateful for this possibility that we have been given to continue walking with young people.