Meeting of European PTVs in Madrid

The European PTVs met in Madrid from February 23rd to February 25th, 2024. They had one goal: building a new group, with those already professed for a few years and the very newest RSCJ.

According to our happy faces and the depth of our sharings, it seems that we succeeded in including everyone in this new adventure.

8 PTVs were present: Timi, Cili and Kata from Hungary, Alicia and Alejandra from Spain, Ula from Poland, Gaëtane and Françoise from BFN, with our formators Judit, Mamen, Asha and Sophie.

Guided by Mariajo Iribarren rscj, we came to know each other better. We shared “Who are we?”, “How do we live?” and “What is the essence of our vocation?” through creative activities such as dance, drawing, and collage. 

We are all looking forward to having more time together in Joigny for our summer session!

Francoise Chevreuil
PTV from the Province of BFN