New Frontiers: Volume 2, Issue 3 (January 2020)

In this issue of New Frontiers you will find:

  • a diagram which summarizes the four imperatives expressed in Being Artisans of Hope in our Blessed and Broken World

  • an account by Yolanda Jiménez from the JPIC office in Rome of her visit to the inter-congregational community in Morrocco, to which Montse Prats rscj (ESP) belongs, as well as her experience of ministry with Sub-Saharan migrants

  • a reflection by Solome Najjuka rscj (UGK) on her experience of visiting Fukushima, Japan in 2018, from which she draws insights about the proposed nuclear power developments in her country

  • the presentation in New York of Lolín Menendez rscj (ANT) to the UN-NGO committee on migration

  • a zoom webinar by Socorro Martinez rscj (MEX) on her experience of the Synod on the Amazon

  • photos of the persons behind New Frontiers

  • a calendar of special days and upcoming events