New Generation meeting held in Trujillo, Peru

  • PER New Generation meeting

The Young Professed of the New Generation of Lima - Peru, met in the city of Trujillo (north of Lima) from July 30 to August 3. Ten sisters participated in person: Milagritos Campos, Iris D Silva (Brazil), Elizabeth Ruiz, Luz Zoila Paredes, Maria Luisa Franco, Linda Guerrero, Lelia Montes, Rita Castillo, Rosa Vasquez and Karla Nunez and three sisters participated via Zoom: Pamela Lopez, Silvia Villanueva and Magdalena Tantalean.

These were days of reflection, internalization, and sharing life experiences after these years of pandemic. Via Zoom, we had the support of Mariela Peña, an RSCJ from Mexico who gave us the theme: Human discernment as the basis of spiritual discernment and the importance of reaching inner knowledge as a fundamental element in our life choices - "choosing life, facing the impulses of death within us and in society". We also developed the theme of interiority with the invitation to "become interior, to learn to be authors of our own life, with a personal axis that sustains and unifies us, as valuable, unique and one-of-a-kind women called by the Lord, with clear goals that motivate us to be signs of love and to sow hope".

On the third day, we were able to reflect on the national situation and on the fourth day we had a vocational day with students and alumnae of the Sacred Heart School. In the afternoon, we listened to our sister Rosa Vasquez, who spoke about her experience in Haiti. We ended our meeting with a walk of solidarity, where the Lord came to meet us through the Asmat family, whom we met at that moment. Mr. Asmat was about to undergo surgery for an aneurysm and asked us to pray with them. The family has remained in contact with us and they informed us that the operation went very well; we continue to pray for them.

We thank the Lord for this profound experience, where we have enjoyed sharing life, strengthening our bonds as sisters and as religious to continue announcing the love of His heart.

Encuentro Nueva Generación en Trujillo, Perú