New Provincials Meeting 2017

Eight new provincials will have a meeting 
with the Central Team
at the Centre Sophie Barat in Joigny
on September 17-27.

Also with them at this meeting are the Treasurer General (Bernadette Porter rscj), the Secretary General and International JPIC Coordinator (Anne Corry rscj), the Executive Secretary (Cuca Maset), and three interpreters (Margaret Phelan rscj, Gabriela Scanavino, and Toya Castejón rscj).

Let us accompany them with our prayers.

From left to right:  CEU Laura Moosbrugger, ANZ Lynette Toohey, RDC/TCH Brigitte Combier, ANT Marta Nuñez, 
COL Maruja Hernández, MEX Lourdes Velázquez, USC Sheila Hammond, VEN Fernanda Vacas

Updates and photos will be posted as soon as these are available.